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That moment when Honda helps save your drive-in with a new digital projector is truly unforgettable.
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At first it doesn’t quite hit you. 
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But then it does. Group hug, anyone?
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Thanks for all the support! You helped us #StartSomething Special with the #SaveTheDriveIn movement. Together we can recreate these special moments for the 140+ drive-ins that still need support during the digital conversion by contributing to the Project Drive-In fund.

See the full video here.


A big thank you on the big screen goes out to sonyanimation! We couldn’t have asked for a better partner to help us #SaveTheDriveIn. 


Some people go to the drive-in to relive memories. Others go to create them. Congratulations to Starlite Drive-In for being able to keep all kinds of memories alive with their new digital projector!


We’re delighted to announce there will still be double features playing at the end of the peach country for South Carolinians and Georgians. Good news on your new digital projector, Monetta Drive-In!


Congrats to the comeback theater, Ocala Drive-In, on their new digital projector! We’re honored to help you bounce back from another dark period a decade later.


Here’s to your new digital projector, Stateline Drive-In! We’re so happy we can help the only existing motion picture theater in Elizabethton.

One month ago, we started a movement to help preserve this treasured American icon. We helped nine drive-ins from going completely dark, but there are still over 140 that need support. You can help #SaveTheDriveIn from flickering out forever by contributing to the Project Drive-In fund.


Today is your last chance to make sure your local drive-in doesn’t go dark. Get your votes in at before 8:59 PDT tonight! 


The show’s not over yet, folks! We re-opened voting to help save 4 more drive-ins, so make sure your voice is heard. Keep voting at until 9/21.